About the company

Bravia Fund is Associate in Nursing investment fund registered within the territory of the ecu Union, in Spain, with the aim of making the international platform combining classic banking services and fashionable digital technologies.

They offer Bitcoin, Ethereum. 12% of annual interest are accrued daily to the balance (credited to the account at the end of the month). In savings account, they approve USD, Euro. 8% of annual interest are accrued daily to the balance (credited to the account at the end of the month. To put in straightforward words, our fund earns on short transactions on exchanges. In our work, we tend to use our own computing supported economic and mathematical model of the optimum investment portfolio from Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe, Alfred Nobel laureates in economic science, further as fifteen years of sensible expertise of profitable mercantilism at numerous exchanges.


Contact Information

Phone- 8 800 511-71-21

They provide various addresses given below:

Deposit plans

In one can earn either in deposit or he or she can invest in some plans.

In deposit their plan are below:


In investment are below:

Those plans are seems not to be true according to their plans.


They provide some certificates, but I’m not sure how much reliable they are to invest your valuable money because some of the certificates are not legal as far I know. 

Payment Status: pending 


I’m not sure either they are legit or scam cause I didn’t find enough cause to invest in them. On the other hand, I have so many point to say that they are not legit.

They didn’t mention their exact source of investment. Where they invest? This is not clearly stated by them. Again they provide a huge range of profit. How did they can give? In their site they provide some transaction proof, but much one can trust as that transaction has no legal issue. I have searched to ensure to find if those transactions are actually happened or not, but I can’t find any proof. A number of red flags powerfully suggests it’s truly a Ponzi theme, if not a complete scam. I can’t say they are scam 100% as I didn’t invest on them, but these reasons are more than enough to prove them that they are scam.




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