Total SCAM.

About instant hourly

At first, I declared that this site is a total scam. They have the claim of fraudulent from many users.

Instant Hourly is a cryptocurrency investment company. Their team manages multiple investments comes starting from digital currency mercantilism, P2P crypto loaning, and even different high yield programs for security.

With the assistance of their investors, they’ve got the capital to fund new and current comes, providing steady and secure returns for the corporate and every one those concerned.

Members will get pleasure from daily returns up to twenty-eight for ninety days, attributable to your Instant Hourly account. Your principal is enclosed within the daily payments.

They accept Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, and Payeer.


Deposit plans

They collect the deposit from 3 different plans. 


Payment Status: NOT PAYING


Instant Hourly is a 100% scam site. You deposit your valuable money on them and its for sure that you will not return your money. The profit they told you to give is like you up to for moon.

They take your money and in return will give you a bag of sand. Many users claim their scamming. Their many red flags and reviews showing them that they are a total scam site. There are some proof:

  • They didn’t give their office address, contact information.
  • Who is the owner of this company?? There is no name!!!
  • Even they did not provide any phone number.
  • they have no official legal certificates as a business company. How can one invest on them!!!!
  • How can they give such a lucrative profit in return is not clearly stated. Where they invest our money???
  • Again the profit they will give said by them is 100% fake. Cause their investment plan is fake.
  • They have no proof of paying. Many sites have proof of their paying, but they have none.


I want to say in a simple word that I can throw my money in a pool rather than giving away my money to people like them who are waiting to waste my valuable money. If anyone want to get more proof I can give so many against their fraudulence. The choice is yours!!!

There are so many authentic cryptocurrency investment site,

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