tikiprofit.com REVIEW LEGIT/SCAM

About the company

At first, I want to say something about this company. To review we have to visit the site so many times to get information. In this site I’ve spent my so much time to bring the information where people can get help. I’ve to say that, I can’t find anything important that I can show you. Total fraud!!! No business plan, no office address, no support system just telling that bring and invest your money, join the party, we will pay you!! This profit will no one get, I’m sure.

JUST a little just the once $10 BUCK DEPOSIT “OR” choose the massive BUCKS! HIGH ROLLERS and therefore the little GUY WORK AS A TEAM TO PROFIT FOR PASSIVE GAINS!

yes, FREE BONUS be part of OUR HOT NEW ” ® message cluster ” IN MEMBERS AREA!
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Sponsors Delight large % Pays On three Levels seventh / three / two Over And Over!

The above information is found on their website. It indicates how many scams they are.

Contact Information: No Information is given.

Payment Status: Not paying.

Owner Info: Not provided.

Payment proof (Fake)

They give a payment proof in their site, which is absolutely fake. If you keep through your eyes on that proof table which is given in their site you can easily understand their fake proofing.

It is clear that they are absolutely fake. Their is no payment method which people can trust. No owner information, no legal certificates, no office address etc.


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