Fondostar com is simply associate degree treater created by the workplace of recent finance advisors, the Ralph capital SRL, the goal of is to supply a management service of capital of the purchasers of the consultive workplace THE RALPH CAPITAL. Star Fund may be a stable investment platform created by the workplace of recent finance advisors, The Ralph Capital, with registration RNC 131702007 you’ll check the registration within the following net address  We want to clarify that Fondostar is only an broker that allows our clients to connect with investment opportunities of third parties.

As you’ll see we’ve got our security SSL we tend to|and that we} have the service of anti Ddos attacks to stop any hacker from attempting one thing against our platform there’s no thanks to be attacked we pay the simplest services. Our job is to find and analyze digital investment opportunities and to operate with the capital of the clients in said opportunities or projects to generate a benefit for both clients and We know that as associate degree capitalist you would like to withdraw your earnings at the time you would like, that the withdrawals on our platform are fast and sometimes will last up to forty eight hours because of the big quantity of withdrawal requests you.


Payment Method

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Basic Info

Owner & Office Address- Not given



They did not provide some necessary information in their site. Which would make their site more reliable rather than a scam site. they did not perfectly told where and how they invest those deposits.  And for that now it can be told that they are a scam. Secondly, the huge profits of up to 0.50% daily with 10% monthly with a low range of money promised to investors are too good to be true because they are not sustainable. It is a completely fake site.

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