Asia-mining may be a formally registered company Singapore , our mining farm is found , New Delhi , national capital and Manila. We use, Nvidia gtx 1080 ti , Nvidia rtx 2080 ti and initially In history cloud mining ASICminer Zeon 180K.

Their site is scam. On some purpose I cab say for sure thet I descrive below.


Purchase limits is 5 BTC One time . Minimal deposit 0.005 BTC and maximal deposit 5 BTC. Minimal withdrawal is a 0.001 btc. All transaction fee is Fixed 2500 satoshi.

Payment Status- Not Paying.

Basic Info

Owner Information- Not given

Company registered country: Singapore Company registered number: #54981862321

Office location: ADDRESS 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore

Phone +65.54897418



  • They did not provide any owner info. If you invest and any occurance happened than whom will you catch and who will take responsibility???
  • Again they did not provide some necessary information in their site. Which would make their site more reliable rather than a scam site.
  • Their plans are not seems to be true.

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