zioxocrypto.com Review Scam or Legit


Zioxo Crypto Mining Ltd. is associate degree registered organization within the uk focused for quite six years on specific ventures, as an example, investment opportunities, remote trades, oil exchanging and cryptocurency trade markets. Zioxo Crypto Mining Ltd. is that the act of exploiting a price distinction between a minimum of 2 markets hanging a mix of coordinative arrangements that underwrite upon the awkwardness, the profit being the excellence between the market value. associate degree Zioxo Crypto Mining Ltd. supplyed} once there isthe probability to promptly purchase low and offer high that is that the elementary viewpoint that creates Zioxo Crypto Mining Ltd. a standout amongst the foremost productive and hazard free organizations round the net.

Kept a watch on by associate degree skilled cluster of Zioxo Crypto Mining Ltd. specialists we tend to handle all exchanges of our customers such we tend to are secure of a greatest action rate as way as profitizing.


Minimum Withdraw amount is 1 USD for E-Currencies. Minimum Withdraw amount is 0.01 USD for Crypto-Currencies. They accept E-Currencies and Crypto-Currencies. Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin.

Payment Status- Not Paying.

Basic Info

Owner Information- not given.

Address : 24 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London,
United Kingdom, WC1N 3BDBasic Info

registration number is 11225979

email- support@zioxocrypto.com


They are providing a huge return which make them too good to be true. Because the place where they invest our money can not give such amount of money in return. The fact that zioxocrypto.com is registered with the Companies House does not make it legit at all. Many previous scams were registered with the Companies House. In fact, a company boasting that it is registered with the Companies House is likely to be a scam.  I cannot tell for sure, especially since I have not tried it out. I only went as far as creating an account and scrutinizing their website. I was not willing to contribute any of my funds to their scheme.

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