Review Scam or Legit


It s very easy: your mining instrumentation is already running full steam. Once you have got founded your account, you’ll be able to begin earning your 1st coins from our Litecoin mining service within the cloud! Cloud mining is greatly fitted to novice miners WHO would really like to do out mining and earning cryptocurrency moreover as seasoned miners WHO don’t desire the effort or risks of hosted or home-based mining.


Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 LTC. Minimal upgrade amount is 1 LTC.

Payment Method- Litecoin

Payment Status- Not Paying.

Basic Info

Owner Information- Not Provided.

Office Address- Not Given.

Phone +1.4259744730



They did not provide any legal certificate of their registration to operate their business. This make them hard to believe. Taking into account that funds are deposited with into the company with Litecoin, an extremely difficult currency to trace the litecoin wallet owner, the identity of owners is truly anonymous. Moreover I have found exactly the same domain with the same site. That site is currently stopped by them. It means they grabbed the deposited money from the investors and stopped their site permanently.

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