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CoinInvest may be a distinctive service that invests within the development of extensions (components, modules and plugins) for ASCII text file CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Drupal and MODX) so as to benefit from the sale of licenses and technical support. additionally, we tend to are finance within the development of free and paid mobile applications for IOS and mechanical man. Thus, we’ve a singular chance to earn cash on advertising (for free applications) and on sales within the App Store and mechanical man Market (for paid applications).

Modern technologies are developing by leaps and bounds, that contributes to the emergence of associate degree increasing range of web sites and mobile devices, and consequently the amount of individuals owning them is growing. The marketplace for CMS extensions and mobile applications is simply setting out to develop, that the key to our money success within the long run is active work on finance in the development of CMS extensions, applications for IOS and mechanical man, that creates our “multiple sources of financial gain.”

Payment Status- Not Paying.

Payment Method-  accept e-currencies

Basic Info

Owner Information- Not given.

Office Address- Not given.

Support email

Phone +880.1913949283

Review Legit or Scam

They did not provide any owner name which is must for a company. They don’t have any legal status. No legal certificates. Next, where they invest our deposited money to give us profits. After that how did they will give such a huge profit for us? Again their percentage of giving profit is too good to be true. It can not be possible for them to give such rate of profit. At last, anyone can surely tell or understand that they are a huge scam site after visiting their site, a complete bogus.

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